about us

About Us

Shawarma Alley started with a dream. A dream to build a business to support our family and what better way to do it then through food. We believe food can bring people together and it breaks many barriers that society has created today.

Our vision started with our CEO and founder Zishan Ashraf. Zishan was born and raised in the UAE where he developed his love for shawarma and the Mediterranean cuisine. Zishan has over 9 years of experience in the food industry, where he learned all the tips and tricks to run a successful restaurant.

Our co-founder Hifza Humayun was born in Pakistan but raised in Canada and she grew up loving Pizza. Hifza also has over 8 years of experience in the food industry.

After Zishan & Hifza got married in 2014, they started working towards their dream of opening a restaurant. When the time came to choose what type of food they would be serving, it was a bit of an argument between the two and they ended up combining both of the cuisines and ended up with the magical place we have today which is “Shawarma Alley”.